Technical service

The Triangle service net cover the full European territory. You can consult the headquarter web site to check the updated service net.

Here below you can download the format for filling the claim report for PCR, TBR and OTR tyres.

We ask you to check the OTR draft claim report that has been allready filled so that you can follow the procedures and fill the Excel claim report correctly :
1) make photos of the application terrain
2) make photo of the vehicle and marking the vehicle model.
3) put in evidence with the white chalk the serial number ( for PCR it is enough the DOT code) and make photo.
4) put in evidence with teh white chalk the defective area and make photo.
5) make full of the full tyre so that white chalk area as per  3) e 4) can be seen clearly.
6) measure the residual pattern correctly with proper caliber. Make photos. Indicate the original thickness of the pattern of the new tyre.

If needed please ask us the procedure for reading the serial number. For TBR warranty is 3 years, for OTR warranty is 4 years.

Don't forget to indicate the description of the defect and the number of km or working hours.

Tks to confirm to us if you need our engineer to make technical survey.

Best regards
Federico Boggio +39 348 22 12 332